Leon Bosch

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Leon Bosch

Photography by Juno Snowdon & Artist Direction by Adam Hypki

About Leon Bosch

Leon Bosch is an internationally renowned classical double bass virtuoso. With over a dozen solo CDs to his name, he regularly commissions repertoire for the instrument, making recital and concerto appearances around the world.

Leon Bosch and two mirror images of himself playing his double bass.
World's best double bass player with plastic and a mask.
The album art of Leon Bosch & Peter Martens' album titled 'Bass-ically Brilliant'
A mirror image of Leon Bosch playing a Double Bass in the dark.
A portrait of South African Double Bassist, Leon Bosch.
Famous Double Bassist Leon Bosch playing his instrument in the dark.
Leon Bosch and two of his clones playing a double bass with a black background.
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South African concert musician Leon Bosch reaching for his Double Bass.
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