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Liam Pitcher

Unbeatable Mastering Services

The Problem

Most mastering agents don't understand their client's true vision.

Tracks either end up very loud, losing all dynamics; or they end up overly dynamic and too soft.

This, or they end up too different in spectrum from the original.

My Solution

I will create the ideal master according to your precise specifications.

If you want a brickwall master that's as loud as a popular EDM track, I'll do that for you.

If you want a sensitive master that's as dynamic as an old Massive Attack LP, I'll do that for you.

If you're not satisfied with the final product, you will receive a full refund. (terms & conditions apply).

Mastering Examples

I master most of my own music, so I've included the work of a client for preview, as well as my own work.

Some of the below works are mastered to be dynamic, while others are mastered for loudness.

Example III is a mixture.

Example I・Pop・Loud

"Wow dude, sho; that is insane work - well done. I love the clarity, I love how hot the bass drum and kick are without affecting the vocals, they're nice and clear. I absolutely, absolutely adore it" - Joh Urban

Example II・Classical Piano・Dynamic

Example III・Electronic Art Music・Balanced

Example IV・Dubstep・Loud With Detail Retention

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