Return to the Baxter

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Return to the Baxter

Photos by Andrew Macdonald

About Liam Pitcher

Liam Austin Pitcher (born December 23, 1993) is a South African composer, musician & teacher. He is known primarily for blending elements of classical, electroacoustic and electronica, as well as his distinctive piano improvisations.

Improvised Piano Music Album

"Return to the Baxter" by South African composer and pianist Liam Pitcher is a piano recording session, which took place in the concert hall at the Baxter Theater Center in Rhondebosch, a subburb in Cape Town, South Africa. It consists of six pieces improvisations for solo piano, one of which spans 33 minutes in length.

A pianist looking at his hands while playing piano in a dark concert hall.
A man sitting in a concert hall on red chairs.
A composer portrait of famous musician and pianist Liam Pitcher.
A pianist with curled fingers playing the piano and looking at the camera.
Hands with a ring playing the piano.
A hand on piano keys with a ring on it.
Liam Pitcher playing a Steinway and Sons grand piano in the Baxter Concert Hall.
A pianist with his hand on the lid of a piano in a concert hall.
An audience member sitting in the concert hall with their arm on a red chair.
An over the shoulder photo of a pianist playing a Steinway and Sons grand piano.
Liam Pitcher sitting in the Baxter Theater concert hall.
Liam Pitcher with an expressive facial expression.
Liam Pitcher from the side playing a Kawai Grand Piano.
Pianist from above playing a Steinway grand piano.
A portrait of a young man wearing a blue collared shirt an a black blazer in the dark.
Liam Pitcher looking bored in a concert hall.
A pianist with curled fingers playing a grand piano in a dark room
A pianist playing through the lid of a grand piano.
A famous pianist playing with impeccable technique.
A pianist photographed through the lid of a grand Steinway & Sons piano.
The hands of a pianist reflected in the lid of a black grand piano.
A pianist playing with curled fingers from an interesting angle.
A pianist playing with his hands flying in the air.
Pianist from behind playing a grand piano with excellent technique.
A pianist improvising at a grand Yamaha piano.
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A pianist through the lid of a Kawai piano with his hands in the air.
Hands on black and white piano keys.
Pianist Liam Pitcher playing a grand piano in a wooden concert hall.
Pianist and grand piano and piano chair on a wooden floor with microphone cables.
Pianist in a suit playing piano.
Pianist expressing himself while playing beautiful music.
A pianist photographed over the shoulder playing a Steinway.
A Steinway Grand being played by a virtuoso pianist.
Performer, teacher and composer Liam Pitcher improvising at the piano.
A pianist playing in an empty concert hall.
Pianist with their hands on the keys from above.
Male pianist virtuoso.
Composer sitting in concert hall with red chairs and black suit.
A provocative photo portrait of composer and music teacher Liam Pitcher.
A single hand playing the beautiful black and white keys of a Steinway grand piano.
Pianist portrait from the side playing a piano.
Two hands with a wedding ring playing piano.
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