Session at The Baxter Theater

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Session at The Baxter Theater

Photos by Yasmin Hankel

About Liam Pitcher

Liam Austin Pitcher (born December 23, 1993) is a South African composer, musician & teacher. He is known primarily for blending elements of classical, electroacoustic and electronica, as well as his distinctive piano improvisations.

Solo Piano Music Album

"Session at the Baxter Theater" by South African composer and pianist Liam Pitcher is a piano recording session, which took place in the concert hall at the Baxter Theater Center in Rhondebosch, a subburb in Cape Town, South Africa. It consists of three pieces for solo piano, each unique in form.

His original compositions shine with technical prowess. Furthermore, a connection to Bartolomeo Cristofori and his pianoforte can be felt with clarity." - Lisa Whealy | Independant Clauses

A pianist sitting at a grand, photographed through the lid of the piano
A pianist (Liam Pitcher) playing the piano in the dark.
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